🏁 Hello! I'm Leo 🏁

I make games, videos, and write silly stories. I'm currently working as a video artist at Shiro Games.

La Dame Du Bois

Narrative adventure in the 15th century France
Game design, narrative design & writing

Escape from RHF

Post-apocalyptic action-adventure TPS
Level design & building

PMU Survivalism

Narrative survival and light simulation game
Game design & prototyping

Doom Scary Party

Macabre narrative adventure & shooter
Level design, narrative design & writing

Screen Zine

Self-published screenshots collage zine
French news, anime, games and whatnot

Froggy at the Pool

Card-based investigation simulator
Narrative & puzzle design

Ghost students

Hide-and-seek in a digitalized building
Game design & prototyping

7 seconds to process

7 seconds mini-games
Arte Game Jam 2020

Morning Routine

A very short autobiographical game
in which you get ready for school

VR Diary

A VR experience about
my stay in the Netherlands